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Management and feasibility

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Equal Opportunity Policy

In the recruitment efforts—including advertisements—, women will be strongly encouraged to apply and the aim will be to achieve equal representation of the genders. In addition, the consortium will undertake positive actions to promote female participation in the physical sciences. Specifically, for both the High School Summer School and the Undergraduate Summer School (see section B.2.g), again the aim will be for equal representation of the genders. In both schools, female consortium members will feature prominently to provide positive role models for the participants. In addition, in a special session, female scientists in different stages of their career (undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, and experienced scientists) will present their views and experiences on women in science.

Finally, female scientists occupy highly visible and decision making positions within the consortium (e.g. Deputy Network Co-ordinator, Task Leaders, Advisory Board members) and this will have a very positive influence on the network and the field of molecular astrophysics at large, and, moreover, will provide natural role models for the appointed ESRs/ERs.