Research Training Network - FP6

Training and/or transfer of knowledge activities

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The training and ToK objective of this project is to provide the appointed Early Stage (ESR) and Experienced (ER) Researchers with a unique training and transfer of knowledge environment in the field of molecular astrophysics, fully utilising the wide expertise and experience available within the consortium. The deeply interwoven scientific programme will form the core of the scientific training of the appointed ESRs/ERs.

The training/ToK received by the appointed ESRs/ERs in this multi-facetted project will provide them with a very broad and wide-ranging physics-chemistry scientific background and expertise. Besides a career in an academic, observatory, or space sciences environment, the skills that these researchers develop will also be highly desirable for research and development positions within a broad scale of industries, including the automotive, chemical, aerospace, software, and telecommunication industry, as well as provide them with an excellent background in international co-operative projects.