Research Training Network - FP6

Management and feasibility

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Network Co-ordinator (RuG)

will coordinate the activities of the consortium in the broadest sense, will organize co-ordination meetings with the Task Leaders and the Advisory Board three times a year and will organize regular telecons with the task managers. Team Leaders will be involved in these telecons as deemed necessary. Other duties will including organising the annual scientific meetings of the consortium and being specifically responsible for co-ordinating the astrophysical and astrochemical aspects of the consortium and ensure that they are fully embedded in the consortium. In case of conflicts, the Network Co-ordinator will decide the allocation of resources and the appointments of ESRs/ERs. Finally, the Network Co-ordinator will summarize the quantitative and qualitative science activities of the consortium for report to the Commission and will be the point of contact with the Commission and, specifically, will be responsible for delivery of all reports to the Commission in a timely manner.