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Participant Number 11: Madrid (ES)

Expertise in Research and Complementarity
The Madrid team is strongly involved in the study of the physics and chemistry of interstellar matter, in quantum chemical calculations and in laboratory studies of molecular jets. The team provides scientific and instrumental contribution to European ground-based telescopes and ESA/NASA observatories. J.Cernicharo is mission scientist of the Herschel satellite of ESA and J.Martín-Pintado is Co-I of the HIFI instrument for the same satellite. The team has developed several radiative transfer codes that have been used to analyze and interpret data from many telescopes. Prof. J. Cernicharo (JC) has wide experience in the study of interstellar molecules and in astrophysical modelling, J. Martín-Pintado has extensive experience in the study of molecular clouds; J.R. Pardo has been working in the submillimeter domain for several years. The group of quantum chemistry is working on the structure of floppy molecules and on the study of charge transfer in reactions of astrophysical interest. Prof. A. Macias has a large experience in the field of charge transfer in molecular reactions and Dr. M.L. Senent has been working for more than 15 years in the field of molecular quantum calculations. The three teams belong to the Spanish Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) and are working in two departments, Molecular and Infrared Astrophysics and Molecular Physics of the ``Instituto de Estructura de la Materia''.
Expertise in Training and Knowledge Transfer
The team in Madrid has a large interdisciplinary component both in its activities and the background of the involved researchers in the fields of astrophysics, physics, spectroscopy and chemistry. The team has therefore sufficient resources for the training of young researchers and postdocs in several fields. Two Theoretical Chemists, Prof. A. Macías and Dr. M.L.Senent are also members of the Molecular Astrophysical Department. A.M. is an expert in molecular dynamics and collisions and M.L.S performs spectroscopic studies using ab initio methods. The groups study the spectroscopy of non-rigid molecules and organic polycycles; they work on group theory problems for non- rigid molecules and have studied the kinetics and reactivity of systems of pharmacological and biological interest. The group of Prof. Montero (Molecular Physics Department) has been working in recent years on molecular jets and in the determination of molecular collisional rates. Over the past four years, our team has supervised 5 PhD students (3M, 2F), of whom 2 have graduated and 3 are current students. The three groups have also supervised 5 post-docs (4M,1F), of whom three are still under contract.
Involvement of Key Scientific Staff.

Name Position M/F Expertise
J. Cernicharo Research Professor M Molecular Astrophysics,radiative transfer
J. Martín-Pintado Research Professor M Molecular Astrophysics,observations
A. Macias Research Professor M Charge Transfer in chemical reactions
S. Montero Research Professor M Molecular jets/laboratory collisions
M.L. Senent Research Scientist F Floppy molecules (ab initio)
J.M. Fernández Research Scientist M Molecular jets/laboratory collisions
J.R. Pardo Associated Res. Scientist M Millimeter and submillimeter radioastronomy
M.B. Maté Naya Associated Res. Scientist F Molecular Jets/laboratory collisions

Significant References
1. Infrared Space Observatory's Discovery of C$_4$H$_2$, C$_6$H$_2$, and Benzene in CRL 618. J. Cernicharo et al., ApJ Letters, 564, L121-L126 (2001).
2. Far-Infrared OH Fluorescent Emission in Sagittarius B2. J.R. Goicoechea and J. Cernicharo, 2002, ApJ Letters, 576, L77-L80 (2002).