Research Training Network - FP6

Quality/Capacity of the network partnership

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Relevance of the partnership composition

The network incorporates a number of existing collaborations between two groups, generally within one discipline. These collaborations were generally of a limited nature where two groups addressed a common milestone. This network will build upon these existing collaborations by providing for the first time a framework, which incorporates all relevant aspects of a topic into one joint effort. Through the shared resources and the many direct interactions organized by the network, concerted and coherent research activities will be established, which will provide lasting benefits to this field in Europe.

One of the teams is based in Basel, Switzerland. This group is a world leader in visible spectroscopy of astrophysically relevant molecules and radicals such as carbon chains. This is an essential aspect of the science of this network because it provides the direct astronomical observables - absorption frquencies - for molecules which are calculated to be abundant in space, based upon laboratory astrochemical experiments. No other group in Europe can provide this background and expertize. Basel is therefore an integral part of the effort of this network. The resources identified for this group will be carried by the Swiss Science Foundation through a bilateral agreement signed between Switzerland and the European Union last year. The early stage researchers and experienced researchers as well as the team members involved in this effort in Basel will participate in the Network activities in the same way as the other members.