Research Training Network - FP6

Management and feasibility

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Recruitment strategy

In order to attract the most talented researchers, positions will be widely advertised in an open campaign, including, but not limited to, scientific journals with Europe-wide distribution and the web pages of the consortium, of professional societies in astronomy, physics, and chemistry, and of the individual participating research institutes. Selection will be based upon background and merit which will be assessed from completed course work, completed research experience, list of publications, and letters of reference. For ESRs, the selection will be made by the Team Leader from the hosting institute with input from the other members of their team, from the secondment team, and from the Task Manager of the specific science area involved and the Network Training Co-ordinator in order to ensure an overall coherent and integrated effort from a project point of view. ERs will divide their appointments over two contractors. They will be selected by the Team Leaders of the two contractors involved, with input from their teams and from the Task Manager of the specific science area involved.

In terms of person-months, up to 30% of the ER/ESR appointments can be awarded to 3rd country nationals which will have to be approved by the Network Co-ordinator, who will be responsible for monitoring the limit on these appointments. The Network Co-ordinator will be advised in these appointments by the Task Manager(s) and the Network Training Co-ordinator. Any conflicts on the appointments that might arise will be resolved through the established procedure with, first, moderation by the Network Training Co-ordinator, followed, if necessary, by advice from the Advisory Board and a final decision by the Network Co-ordinator.

The length of appointments is expected to be 36 months for an ESR and 24 months for an ER.

The international reputation of the contractors involved in this consortium means that no difficulties in filling vacancies are expected. Should any difficulties arise, they will be resolved by the Network Co-ordinator with the Team Leader involved, after consultation with the Commission, the Network Training Co-ordinator, the Task Managers, and the Advisory Board.