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We have subdivided the science into two major tasks that cover key aspects of the chemistry and physics of molecules in space. In addition to these two science tasks we also have identified a third task associated with reporting our results in data bases and creating interfaces which allow the community easy access to this and related data. The work on each of these tasks has been broken down into specific topics. Within each topic, the workplan is split into a number of milestones. These milestones are collaborative research projects generally between two or more network teams. The milestones and the team are summarized in the following list. In a given topic, the various milestones are closely connected. Together, these provide a detailed overview of the workplan as well as the relationship between the different teams involved in the Network.

Task 1: Molecular complexity in space

Topic 1.1: Water in the universe

Topic 1.2: Carbon chemistry

Topic 1.3: Deuterium: coming in from the cold Task 2: Chemistry in regions of star formation

Topic 2.1: Ionisation along the star formation trail

Topic 2.2: Nitrogen Chemistry as tracers of protostellar condensation Topic 2.3: Molecular tracers of shocks Task 3: Databases on spectroscopy, reaction and excitation rates and their Web interfaces

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